Commodore 64 Power Adapter is available and other info

Commodore 64 Power Adapter is available and other info


22/10/16 - New update on the project here


After several month, the v2 of the Commodore 64 power adapter is back in stock.

I have change a lot of thing on it that have increase the price a little (29€ to 33€).

For people who think that it's too expensive for a power supply, I can't blame you that why I will propose a cheaper alternative around 15€ by using 2 power supply (5V and a NES power supply).

I work also on a Philips CDI 450 replacement power supply, I know nobody ask for it but I will do it anyway...

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How goes the work on the PHILIPS CD-I 450 power supply?

Normal Guy

I’m working on a V3 so I don’t know at the moment.

Retro Game Supply

Hi Reto Games Supply,

I discovered you product during my holidays and now I saw it has been sold out. When would be available again?



A C128 power supply is on my list, the problem is that it’s impossible to find square din plug these days, no stock available and the manufacturer don’t want to make them. So I will have to make one myself… The good thing is that I design this power adapter thinking about the C128 so I should have less or no work in this side.

Retro Game Supply

This definitely looks like the final solution to every problem with C64 PSUs, but… have you got any plan for a similar solution for the C128? C128 PSUs cost an arm and a leg and are difficult to find. =(


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