Commodore 64 Power Adapter is available

Commodore 64 Power Adapter is available

22/10/16 - New update on the project here

The C64 power adapter is available on the shop.

At the moment I only have a small quantity for sell. I have reorder some pcb and other parts but with the chinese new year it will take a long time to arrive.


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There is a warranty. They will be some revision in the future, most likely to make it cheaper or smaller by using SMD component but it will depend of the quantity I sell.
I have done my test with several Commodore (with different motherboard) on program, game and tape reader.
After several month, I’m happy with the result.

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hey i just bought one cant wait for it to arrive i had a question is there a warranty ? and wil you make difrent revisions or is this it !! final revision and testing done are you happy with the result is eveything 100% :)

soufian <scroeffie>

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