Message for UK customers

Due to the Brexit and regulation change, I stop shipping to the UK as of today but I hope to resume it as soon as possible.

I need to clarify several thing in terms of VAT rule and specific due to my company legal obligation.

I don't have the answers I need at this moment but I will keep this post update.

Update 24/01/21 : I will be able to sell products to UK customers via Ebay. Ebay is collecting VAT themselves removing any problem for me but product price and shipping will be 20% more expensive than before for UK customer due to the adding VAT and I have to put all UK plug product on Ebay.

Update 05/02/21 : I'm starting to put UK plug power supply up on Ebay. You can purchase them with this link : Ebay store




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Just wondering if the virtual boy plugs will be available on eBay soon? Looking to get one for a US model with a UK plug if possible.


Looking forward to being able to purchase from you as soon as this is all sorted with the UK shipping. Found you after a recommendation on Facebook, so I’m happy to wait for what I’m told is a quality product!


I just sent you an email asking why I couldn’t check out, but now I know. Thanks for updating us and I hope things get sorted soon. Best of luck.


Hope you can ship to the UK soon!!

Haydn Kilyan

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