Update on the C64 power supply

Update on the C64 power supply

26/01/17 - New update on the project here


I was working on the version 3 of the power adapter for Commodore 64 in the last 2 month, a new model that should correct all of the problem the last versions have.

I had started by replacing the modified sine wave by a pure sine wave, everything was going great but when I started testing the prototype, I realized that a pure sine wave generator was not enought to remove the buzzing noise coming from the common mode filter, to remove completely the noise I needed to have a isolation between the +5V and the 12V (or 15V).

Using 2 isolated voltage is not difficult but it would increase the price significantly, especially if I solder and assemble myself.

I have modified the prototype using 2 power adapter and it work great but the retail price would be too high for me at the moment for this solution, maybe when I start to do SMD assembly.

But when I say too high I compare it to another project I had at the same time for the C64, at the start I wanted to propose a AC power supply to complement the other power adapter but as the price should be really similar, this one will replace it, I had chosen to use a classic 9V transformer and a +5V regulated power supply, it's a complete AC power supply, to replace completely the original power adapter. It will be available in 110V and 230V and (I hope) before 2017.

Power supply for Commodore 64

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To David : The product is available since January.


Retro Game Supply


I’m looking forward to having this power supply, any update in july 2017? when do you expect to have this product available to buy?

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This power supply work on the VIC-20 (7-pin DIN). You can use a C64 PSU on them so you can use mine without problem.
I’m working on a C128 power supply,

Retro Game Supply

Would this also work on the VIC-20 (the version with the DIN-plug of course). Also, would it work on the C128? It would need another plug, but I believe the voltage is the same on the C128, although it can take more power.


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