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Power Supply All-in-One for Nintendo Famicom + Disk System

Power Supply All-in-One for Nintendo Famicom + Disk System

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New 2-in-1 power adapter for Nintendo Famicom + Disk System.

Work also with Famicom AV.

Can power your Nintendo Famicom set with only one power supply.

Work for every consoles regions (Europe, US and Japan).

This power supply was design to replace the original power bricks.

With a regulated 9V voltage, it can reduces the heat emitted by the components and thus increase the lifetime of the console.

Being a modern switching AC/DC adapter, you don't need to use a step-down transformer or worry about the main voltage of your country (110V, 230V, ...).

Unlike a lot of power supply, this one doesn't deteriorate video or audio signals.

The 2 meter/6 ft cable gives you more range for your console placement than other PSU on the market.

CE certified and FCC regulated.

Overload and Short-Circuit Protection.

110-240V 50/60Hz

1 year warranty

Worldwide shipping from France.

This model : 9V (regulated) 3A max