• Power Supply All-in-One for Sega Megadrive \ Genesis + 32X

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New 2-in-1 power adapter for Sega MegaDrive (or Genesis)  + 32X

  • Work with all regions (PAL, NTSC Jap and NTSC US).
  • Can power all your Sega items at the same time.
  • Power supply perfectly designed to replace the original power adapter.
  • Extends the life of your console by providing a regulated voltage.
  • Reduce the heat emission of the console.
  • No need to use a 110V transformer for your Japanese or U.S. consoles.

 110-240V 50/60Hz

Original power adapter : 2x~10V (unregulated => around ±3V)
This model : 9V (regulated) 2A max